A Library of Bowling Information on BowlsChat


There is a comprehensive database of bowling knowledge available to everyone through a list of links to articles, PDF documents, other media and websites that are not available in the BowlsChat Directory or anywhere else on the website.

If you would like to be included in the database please Complete the Link Submission Form (when logged in) or let us know in the Requests Section of the Forum or send your request to [email protected]

Bowling Links

There are links available in the following Categories:

Bowling Books
Bowling Directories
Bowling Forms
Bowling Handbooks
Bowling Magazines
Bowling Overseas
Bowling Posters
Bowling Rules
Bowling Stores
Bowling Strategic Plans
Bowling Tours

Social News Feeds for Bowling Clubs, Associations and Organisations are available in the Newsflash Menu and a collection of over 2000 Bowling Videos are in the Videos Menu.

Strategic Plans

We are building a collection of Bowling Club/Association/Organisation Strategic Plans in PDF format for anyone to view, print and/or download. If you would like your plan to be included, send your request to [email protected] 

Submit a Link

The 'Submit a Link' menu will appear when logged in allowing members to submit an external link with the following information:

Title of LinkTitle Alias (auto generated from Title)
Category (select from the dropdown list)
URL of Link
Tags for Link
Status of Link
Description of Link

All links will be automatically submitted for review by BowlsChat. 

Tournament Request

Sign up for any Tournament Plan and send in the information required to set up the Tournament on the Tournament Request Form.

BowlsChat will set up the initial content and structure requested in the form, add the Tournament to the Sport area of the website and provide Front End Administration access for Season Administrators, Team Moderators and Reporters (they must be members of BowlsChat) authorised by the Club, Association or Organisation running the tournament.

Update a Directory Listing

Clicking on the Claim this Listing button in a listing is the easiest/fastest way to update information in a listing (you also receive membership enquiries made to the listing direct to your email address).

We provide a single page form as an alternative option to request an update of any content in a listing for anyone who is not a listing owner. The form is automatically submitted to BowlsChat and we will make the changes following a review of the content (the form can be used on any device, including mobiles).

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