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Williamsburg Inn Lawn Bowling Club
May 07, 2016
5 visits
The Golf Club is taking over the existing green and the last tournament was played on 7 May 2016, with the club looking for a temporary location as they require funding for a new green.
Barrie Lawn Bowling Club
May 03, 2016
0 visits
Barrie LBC is looking for new members to play bowls indoor at the Dome.
Chilliwack Lawn Bowling Club
May 02, 2016
3 visits
The start of the 94th Season with opening day at Chilliwack LBC on Saturday 30 April 2016.
April 16, 2016
7 visits
The story of the beginning of Blantrye Bowling Club.
Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club
April 13, 2016
2 visits
Bowling under lights on Friday night is very popular at Oak Bay LBC
Malaysia Lawn Bowls Federation
March 16, 2016
7 visits
Malaysia Bowlers aim for World Title (Competitions, Leagues and Tournaments)
Siti Zalina Ahmad and Emma Firyana Saroji form a two-pronged Malaysian assault for the World Cup lawn bowls women’s title
Qualicom Beach Lawn Bowling Club
March 08, 2016
3 visits
Provincial Bowling at Qualicum Beach (Competitions, Leagues and Tournaments)
The first Provincial Indoor Tournament at Qualicum Beach.
Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club
February 16, 2016
3 visits
Saanich News visits the members of Gordon Head LBC
Merritt Lawn Bowling Club
January 07, 2016
0 visits
The future of Merritt LBC is uncertain as membership remains at 8 and the article looks at the options available to the club.
Santa Maria Lawn Bowling Club
November 30, 2015
3 visits
A new artificial green was opened on 4 November, replacing the old turf green that had been in place for 15 years
Penticton Lawn Bowling Club
November 16, 2015
0 visits
Penticton LBC is looking for a new home due to redevelopment by the local council.
Malaysia Lawn Bowls Federation
October 18, 2015
9 visits
The Sarawak Lawn Bowls Association (Salba) wants the right green installed for the new lawn bowls stadium.
Kenya Bowling Association
July 03, 2015
6 visits
Information about the Kenya Bowling Association
Spokane Lawn Bowling Club
May 25, 2015
1 visits
Playing Bowls at Spokane Lawn Bowling Club (Competitions, Leagues and Tournaments)
Sally Quirk takes part in a bowling competition at Spokane Lawn Bowling Club
Lisnagarvey Bowling Club
April 25, 2015
14 visits
Ken Armstrong, the first member of Lisnagarvey BC to be appointed NIBA President, unfurls the flag at the opening of the 2015 season.
August 22, 2014
2 visits
Listing: Bowls is Bowls
Bowls Daventry set out an ambitious sports agenda in 2014 that led to the creation of Bowls is Bowls
Brookview Golf and Lawn Bowling Club
August 14, 2014
1 visits
Opening of Bowling Green at Brookview Golf Course in August 2014
March 23, 2013
0 visits
Minutes of Semi AGM on 23 March 2013 of Bowls Vancouver North and Powell River District.
Llandrindod Wells Bowling Club
September 03, 2012
10 visits
Rob Osborne from the ITV 'Club 'Life' series visits Llandrindod Wells Bowling Club in 2012.
Gimli Lawn Bowling Club
May 14, 2012
0 visits
A report on bowling at Gimli Lawn Bowling Club
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